Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hairbrush Spanking Pros And Cons Does My Daughter Deserve A Spanking For This (pro-spankers Only Please)?

Does my daughter deserve a spanking for this (pro-spankers only please)? - hairbrush spanking pros and cons

My twelve year old daughter and a few of his friends, for months have been some very offensive things on the Internet publication of a teacher at his school. Allegedly, some inappropriate videos on the subject and posted on YouTube, they were to be in different places, and basically insults and others. Even some inappropriate comments sex!

The school has learned, and my only daughter and other girls were suspended Monday and Tuesday, but I think it was easy. I want my daughter for that, what he has done? It went far beyond the boundaries and do not yet know exactly why it was started (it is the leader in this plan, the reputation of a teacher to destroy the Hthan nothing, but good and kind to her), but only that "boredom". Even now, the teacher said she forgives them and do not interfere with them and punish them. I am appalled by the lack of remorse for my daughter for something so terrible.

The normal penalty for such serious things in our house is often a beating (although I have not spank my two years). Should I met her and how can I do? I usually make a hairbrush on his bare back, if he had such serious things in the past, I would?


  1. I turned around her naked ass red cherry with my hairbrush, then the land of the computer (he uses the computer in the wrong direction as well) for 2 months and complete.

  2. She is too old to be lost on the naked special fund. If my parents did this, I think that the sexual violence.

    Moreover, unless the rumors / lies about the teacher, she has every right to say what he likes about women. It may not be pleasant, but every time your teacher can not be good? If there spreading rumors and lies, then spanking will solve nothing.

  3. Personally, if my child does not mean that land would be friends, at least one months and from a computer at least for a few months. And I mean everything - no reports to write, not research - I would do everything that is on the old fashioned way, by hand, go to the library, etc. etc. I think it would do more to teach the computer a tool to use is not abused. But it's just me.

  4. Spanking does not solve the real problem - "We did it because we were bored" is a serious problem and needs to be addressed. You need to learn how to hit all their activities.

    Is around 12, as taking away privileges, giving them to do the unpleasant task, the impact is much greater than the beating. Spanking is done a bit short, but the privilege of removing, or make some sort of community service will have a lasting effect.

  5. I think it is the age now, do not jeopardize much hitting. I like the deal "left the sentence as crime" with things .... probably learn the lesson of his country would participate with the Internet, and they keep themselves from other girls have for some time, as he clung to her at this age.